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Generic areas

1- Study of Micro v.s. Nano-composites: Comparison

2- Process-Structure-Property Relationships: Micro/Nano-composites

3- Interphase/Interface in Nano-composites

4- Processing of Nano-composites: Comparison

5- Study of Nano-composite Systems

6- Modeling: Computational and Analytical

7- Electrically Conductive Nano-composites

8- Impact/Fracture Mechanics of Nano-composites

9- Advanced/Non-traditional Processing of Nano-composites 

10- Bio-degradable Composites

11- Agglomeration Issues in Nano-composites 

12- Characterization of Micro/Nano-composites

13- Thermoplastic v.s. Thermoset Polymer Nano-composites: Properties and Structure

14- Micro/Nanofiller-Polymer Adhesion: Mechanical Performance

15- Study of Crystallinity in Semi-crystalline Polymer Nano-composites

16- Functionally Graded Polymer Nano-composites

17- Thermal/Thermomechanical Performance of Polymer Nano-composites

18- Insulation/Barrier/Fire Retardancy of Polymer Nano-composites

19- Machining of Micro/Nano-Composites: Forces, Energy, Roughness, Machiningability, Tool Life 

20- Sensor-based Load-cells  

Graduate education projects

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